Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Falling Away

Falling Away

I am bored with love
and it's passionless limbs
that drape over my bed
in a lethargic state of impotence
while wearing the same red heart
my soul picked up hitchhiking
off highway serendipity

Now here we are
alone in togetherness
trying to build dreams
with two by fours and glue,
but even a home
won't tie us together
when our hearts live alone

Poetic vows cliched
into nothingness
like all words do, eventually
and we allowed 
our bodies to become 
another pair of hollow shadows 
that make love to a wall
instead of each other
and we wonder why
the roses are dying

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Who will confide in?

Who's the first person you'd confide to when you need a listening ear?
Your best friend?
Your mum?
Your dad?
Your partner?
Your pet?
Just bottle it up?

I'd choose a combination between my best friend, mum and partner. Everyone gets different information from the different parts of my life. But I can also tell my problems to all three! A wise lecturer once mentioned that for every decision you make in your life. It's best to seek four opinions. Your own, two persons whom you are close to and the last one maybe a normal friend.

What about you? Who will you choose to confide to? and why??

Sensitive - Who? You? Me? or him?

'Why so sensitive??'
'Alamark! You're behaving like a woman! So sensitive and emo!'

Have you been commented like that before?

I'm always curious to find out. Which gender is more sensitive?
I'm sure the answer will unanimously be females. I would hold true to this option if it's referring to woman in the baby boomers generation. But in the Gen-Y, there might be a different story to tell.
The males in this generation are not like the ones in the past. They too feel for things and cry too. No, they are not gays nor sissy-s. They are just less assertive and try to understand and see things in a wider perspective. (woman, we must respect and applaud this change in man)

So are the males and females of Gen-Y equally as sensitive?

Boy boy and girl girl relationship

Boy Girl relationship or better known as BGR.

Ok, this is so old school. But whether you're in your teens, 20s, 30s, you still go through it.

Are you facing any problems?
What are the problems you faced?

1) Parental objection?
2) Either of the partner being too possessive?
3) Always quarreling over the slightest matter?
4) Suddenly one party says he/she doesn't love you anymore

In my opinion, there is no one perfect couple. All couples have disagreements.
All couples have their likes and dislikes of each other.
There are times where either one of the party is going through a tough time and the other has to be the pillar of support.

So... What's your relationship problem?

Emotions overridden me

Do you know what's the actual expression behind the mask I put on everyday? Is it a genuine smile added with happiness and blissfulness or are they filled with sadness and problems?

What's my problem?
My parents whom I respect and looked upon to compared my sibling with me. Saying that your young sibling is more filial than you are. How would you take it if you had been trying your best to provide for them while your younger sibling did nothing?
For someone who is close to your parents, this is probably going to be very hurt.

What would you do?
1. Continue to wallow in pity?
2. Stand up and explain to your parents how you feel?
3. Tell your friends and bitch about it?
4. Just be strong and brush it off?

Share your opinions with me.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

1st posting

I'm honoured to be the 1st to post in this whatever blog.

Every week we will start a topic, you peeps feel free to join in our discussion.

Anyone can post any questions under the sun, you would be surprise who can give you the best answers.

:) have fun!